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Train Station Murder There has been a murder on the train station. The killer left a ton of clues behind.
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Happy Farm Farm fairies were playing on our farm, and they dropped our things. Help us find them all.
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Moving Out Thanks for selling us your house. We noticed that you left some of your things behind; can you come...
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The Alchemist Apprentice I am on the verge of making a new amazing potion, but I lost all the ingredients. Apprentice, go and...
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Medieval Festival The medieval festival is over. You had a great time, but you lost all your souvenirs. Go find them b...
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Dreamcatcher Welcome to my realm! You are now in my crazy dream land. Solve my puzzles on time, or you will be tr...
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Mad Bomber Stop this mad bomber and try to find the hidden explosive devices in the house.
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Ghost Hunters Paranormal activity in this old house is clearly visible! Try to find some items from the previous o...
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House Full of Bugs The cops planted bugs all around the villa. The Boss wants you to go there and remove the bugged ite...
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Dragons Awakening 2 You must evacuate this place, the dragons are coming. Pick up all your things and go!
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Hurricane Aftermath The hurricane passed through. The wind is still strong but it’s safe to leave the house. Go out and...
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Rob the Rich OK, I've disabled the villa alarm... Go in, and steal all the items from the list.
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London Theatre Murder There has been a murder in theatre. Can you help the police search for clues?
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The Orcs Attack Last night, the orcs raided our camp, took all our artifacts and scattered them all across the fores...
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Raid on the Warehouse We are raiding a warehouse. Be advised, these guys will smuggle anything! Gather as much evidence as...
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Decorator Emergency Our decorator just quit, and our rich client is coming to see the house. Can you help us?
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My Brand New Villa All you have to do is find the hidden objects in the villa and you get to keep it.
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Rockstar in Trouble You are a rock star in this game. Pick up some personal items before you leave the house.
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The Aztec Temple Expedition It is time to leave this amazing place. Gather your things and get going.
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Who's House Is This?! You wake up in a room. Is it your room? Maybe you should look around for some clues.
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