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Not so Safe House Quickly, hide all the evidence that you live there.
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Police Detective Test Cadet, for the final part of your exam, we hid some objects in our training house.
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Time Wizard The time wizard needs your help. Help him to solve the mysterious puzzle.
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Pool Party Mystery That was some wild party last night. I can see from here that your house is a mess...
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A Barbecue to Remember I woke up and my head hurts. My house is a mess! Can you help me?
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Spying On A Spy You will be infiltrated in to the home of a well known spy.
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Last Oasis This oasis flourishes with food, water and riches, and you are welcome to stay and explore!
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Murder Scene Lockdown A rather famous musician was murdered last night. Sweep the crime scene, the time is running out!
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The Magic Market Welcome to the market where wizards buy magic potions and enchanted weapons.
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To Catch a Burglar A famous and eccentric archaeologist, just reported a burglary in his home. Can you investigate?
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Lost in Time I managed to travel even more back in time, but the portal scattered my entire time traveling artifa...
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Farmer's Helper Dear nephew, I am looking forward to seeing you, but also I was hoping you would help me around the...
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Town Summer Festival Our little town is getting ready for the summer festival. Help us make this the best festival ever!
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Great Train Robbery The train was robbed just outside of town. Find the robbers or at least find some clues!
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The Stolen Photos Scandal A set of compromising photos was stolen. Can you investigate?
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The Realm of Neptune King Neptune would like to invite you to his underwater kingdom.
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Barber Shop Murder One of the old customers was found dead in the barbershop. Collect the evidences and find the hidden...
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Survivors Your supplies are running low! You need to leave the shelter and find some supplies.
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Raid on Arondale The town is under attack. Save what you can and get out of there!
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Steam Theatre You are now a member of the traveling steam theater. Help us set up our show! rnrn
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