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Mexican Farmer Rescue The evil sheriff locked some poor and innocent Mexican farmer in the cage. Can you rescue him?
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Stargate 2 You are trapped in some secret alien base. Activate the space portal to escape before someone do exp...
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Oriental City Escape You are a traveler who is trying to find a way out of this old oriental city, so you can continue yo...
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Stargate Find what you need to activate the space portal and escape from the alien base.
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Old Facility Escape You are trying to escape from some old facility. Complete several puzzles that will lead you to the...
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Pyramid Treasure Solve some ancient puzzles to find a way out of this pyramid.
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Rock Cafe Escape You are locked in this rock cafe. Look around and try to find a key...
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Escape From Cheerful Classroom This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from Cheerful...
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Dragon Nest Escape You find yourself in the fantasy castle. Unfortunately, some dangerous dragon is near you, so you ne...
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Spanish Privateer Escape You are a prisoner on a Spanish privateer. Find some useful things that will help you to escape.
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Land of Dreams You are stuck in the dream world. Explore this fantasy place to find a key and escape!
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Bridal Room Escape In this escape game someone trapped a bridal girl inside a bridal room. The door was locked outside...
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