Games getagd met: spot the differences

Attack on Caesar Our spies informed us of a planned attack on our Emperor Caesar. Search the coliseum to find the clu...
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Movie Set Trouble Half of the props for the first scene are missing. Can you help us find all the props?
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Presidential Protection The First lady took off to her summer residence. Look for anything suspicious.
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The High Noon Hanging We need to stop this hanging. Alright, here is a list of things we need to pull this off.
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A Quest on the Nile Step into the ancient Egyptian halls of kings, where the scrolls of power are hidden.
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Ancient Rome Themepark Prepare everything for the visitors. Can you help the crew get it ready in time?
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Corruption Crackdown You are to search the premises of senator who was accused of corruption. Find all the evidence.
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The King's New Bard By the order of our King, you will move into the Bard's quarters. And clean that place up a bit...
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Luxury Suite Murder Detective, a murder has happened. Can you help us solve it?
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The Lost Dynasty Travel to the temple of the Lost Dynasty. Find the clues that reveal the mystery.
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Arts and Crafts Our annual festival of Arts and Crafts is about to begin. Can you help us get it ready?
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Off to Find the Wizard The castle wizard is missing. He left behind a list of clues for you to follow him.
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Perfect Proposal My fiancee is on her way. I need some items, including the rings. Can you help me find them?
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The Cartel Takedown This cartel is famous for hiding illegal substances inside everyday objects. Here is a list so you c...
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Gentlemen Explorers Society If you want to join the gentlemen explorers, pass the test and prove that you have the eye of a true...
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The Village Theif Someone is creating havoc and stealing from the townsfolk. But luckily, he leaves clues behind. Can...
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Movers Mix-Up Your task is to find the things and clear up this mess.
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Fairytale Trouble This fairy-tale land is full of mistakes. Go out and fix them before the children notice!
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El Hefe is Coming Ay, amigo! El Hefe is on his way to the hacienda. Is everything ready?
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After the Party We hope you had a good time last night. Make sure that you clean up the house.
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