Games getagd met: spot the differenes

Home Decorator Help me to complete this decorating job before the owners come home. Find the items!
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Wonders of the Sea Take a chance to step into the sea world and unlock some hidden secrets.
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Abandoned Space Station Our entire crew disappeared! Explore the space station to find some hidden clues.
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MSI 2 A murder happened again! Hurry to the new crime scene and collect all the evidences.
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Crime of Fashion Miss Bagana, a famous fashion designer just reported a break in. Snoop around to solve this case.
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Royal Proposal Prince Agnor is on his way to propose to the Princess of Morrowrock. But he forgot his ring! Help hi...
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Magic Forest Theatre You are invited to a magical forest theatre. Try to find all magical objects.
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Celebrity Neighbor A famous composer just moved into your neighborhood. Be a good neighbor and help him.
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The Lost Prince Our hero wakes up in the middle of the strange forest. Will you help him?
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Villa for Sale An amazing villa just went up for sale. Your job is to help the old owners to find the hidden object...
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Toymakers Woodshop Every night I close my toy shop, go home, and in the morning, the place is a mess again!rn
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Showtime Our newest theater play opens tonight, and the stage is still a mess. Help us get everything ready f...
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Celebrity Break-in Polly Darton, the famous country singer just reported that her villa has been broken into. Solve the...
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Painters Colony Find your inspiration and create something nice. Collect the items for this task.
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Flower Fun Run The annual flower run is upon us once again! Step into the flower forest and find something beautifu...
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The Toy Thief We have been robbed by the evil toy thief. Follow him into the woods to save our toys.
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